Monday, July 30, 2012

Creative Inspirations!

One of my favorite things about coming to Utah are the hundreds and hundreds of creative people that live here.  I love being inspired by all of the craftiness of Utah woman.  I have a plethora of favorite spots I love to visit for visual inspiration.  One of my favorite stores in Utah is actually a pharmacy. Jolley's pharmacy in Salt Lake is like walking into Etsy at its best.  I always look forward to stocking up on bows for my girls, and on finding treasures, and more treasures.  I recently found out they have  The pictures actually don't do it justice.  Part of what makes it so cute is that the "pharmacy" is nestled in a historic part of Salt Lake, and surrounded by a darling neighborhood.

This beautiful little white dress is one of my favorites.  I think I need to try and replicate for little Catherine.:)  Although won't turn out I am sure quite as pretty.

Mike is coming out to Utah today!  I am so excited to see him I can't wait.  He has been rotating at Hershey Med working in Trauma Orthopedics.  Needless to say I haven't seen him for a couple of months.....good thing we have been out here being distracted.  He really needs this break.

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GeNee said...

I love all of your pictures. I love Catherine's little lacy yellow suit and your dress is so pretty. I am glad you had a good time in Utah. I liked the balloons in the pictures too!