Monday, July 30, 2012

Day of Lunches!

Today was such a fun day of lunches.  Two in a row.  Both lunches were with people that have been huge influences in my life.  The first lunch was this morning at my childhood friend Janet Sperry's house.  It was a bring your own lunch..... Mt. Olympus 8th ward reunion of sorts.

It was a blast.  I have the best memories of growing up, and part of that was due to my 8th ward buddies and experiences.  I grew up my entire life going to the same ward, and with 8 girls and one boy my same age....we had some classic times and stories from growing up and church.:)  The little primary years, the awkward years, and the college years.......all together.  My biggest memory is going through 4 sets of Sunday school teachers in a matter of a year because our class was a bit on the out of control side.  I just laugh thinking back.  This picture is amazing and priceless to think that we all "turned out".:)  Well we think we all turned out anyway:)

The amazing part is that every single one of these girls, and the girls that weren't able to make it to the lunch have all ended up back within about 10 miles of where we grew up.  Many had moved away for a time, but all have ended up back in the mountains of Utah.  I am literally the only one still gone from the crew.   A couple of our young woman leaders came to join in.  Sharon our mutual president showed up in true form with popsicles of plenty for the kids.

Janet's house is enchanting, creative, and whimsical.  I felt like I walked into an Anthropolgie/pottery barn store at it's best.  My good friend Noelle helped her with some of the decorating....and I loved every part of her house.

A favorite part of the time was watching these two....Jane and Catherine.....

My best childhood friend Kathleen's daughter Jane, and little Catherine were hooked at the hip the entire time  playing!  They gave each other hugs and kisses when we left.....and I had complete flash backs to my childhood.  It was a happy sight to be seen.

My lunch with childhood church friends was followed with a Harrington Cousin/Aunt lunch at no place other than the Dodo.  A Salt Lake favorite!!!


We sat for a couple of hours and laughed, cried, and laughed again.  It feels so good to be with family that knows and loves not just me, but my Mom, and my kids.  The Harrington's are one loyal bunch.  They have been anchors in my life and I don't know what I would do without them.

My lunch with the Harrington's reminds me of the importance of cousins and cultivating lasting memories with extended family.  It just felt so good to be with them.  We cried, laughed, and cried again with stories of each other, my Mom, and our own kids.  It was wonderful.

Yeah to relationships that strengthen us.!!!

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