Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Big news around here.  
The storm........

We were very fortunate to have made it through the storm with much ease.   I am so mindful though of the thousands of people whose lives have been turned upside down by the damage surrounding us.  It is sobering to think in a matter of minutes.....everything you work for you entire life can be gone with a gush of wind, and a flood of water (literally).  My heart aches for them, and prayers are with them.

I was just at my favorite gas station filling up.  I have made friends with the owners.  They are from India.  They were telling me a lot of their extended family lives in Long Island.  They are stranded with no idea when things will start looking better.  They can not leave, because all of the roads out are shut down from the floods.  It is quite horrific for many.  

For the past few days we have all been on pins and needles with the storm watch.  It appeared the storm was headed our exact direction.  In preparation we scurried to the gas station, and grocery store the night before the storm outbreak.  It was such an erie feeling to wait a half an hour in line to fill up with gas, and then be told by the attendant they were running low.  Then to go to the grocery for basic necessities and find the bread and water shelves EMPTY.  

Monday we were home huddled, trying to be cozy and not scared.  My kids were thrilled.  School was cancelled.  They got to stay in pajamas and play ALL day.  We ate lots of comfort food, watched lots of movies, and listened to the news non stop.  I feel guilty saying it because I know the damage is horrendous, but the Sumko family was very cozy.  We count our blessings.  

Mike had to work.  Pennsylvania was declared "in a state of emergency".  I was worried I wouldn't get to see him for days because of storm, but it tuned out he surprised us and showed up late Monday night.  I texted him to say whatever you do, don't drive home in this weather.  I didn't hear a word from him, just twenty minutes later he showed up.  

We set up beds on the floor for the kids in our room.  It was too windy for them to sleep upstairs in their rooms. We were determined to sleep together through the storm.  I made them all nice little beds on the floor next to us.  However half way through the night I woke to someones feet poking my ribs.  I quickly realized all my kids were in bed with me.  Of course except Sammy.  

Needless to say I didn't get much sleep.  I learned Mikey is a kicker, Alyssa snores LOUD, and just a bit whiny all night.:)  I actually already knew the above....but it was a vivid reminder.  I don't know how parents sleep with their kids every night.

Life has resumed to normal.  The kids are back to school, everyone is back to work, and we are on to hopeful clearing skies soon:)

But continued prayers for those surrounding us.


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