Saturday, October 27, 2012

People in my life.

I am grateful for the people in my life.  I am a home body.  I always have been, and always will be.  When my high school friends were out on Friday nights, I many a times was just ready and wanting to be home in my pj's with a bag of popcorn, my family, and a movie.  I was, and still am content being at home with the people I love.  I most often prefer being at home snugly than at a fancy dinner, or a night on the town:)  Just my nature.

Because I am such a "home body" living away from Utah has not always been easy for me. Being away from family is difficult during times.  It was particularly difficult when my Mom was so sick, and the months just prior and following her passing.  

The past few days for some reason I have been extra emotional about living so far away from home, and missing my Mom so so much.  I always miss her.....but for some reason this past week....extra.  
I have wanted to call and tell her about trick or treat, the costumes I made, the food we ate, the soccer game goals, the parties, and the parade.  I have longed to call her for a recipe, advice, or just simply to hear that someone genuinely thinks I am great!

My mother in law is very wise.  She told me when my Mom passed that even though I would not have my Mom here on earth, other people would help me to feel loved, appreciated and taken care of.  

I have friends here in Pennsylvania that help me feel loved, appreciated, and are always there for me.  This is what I am most grateful for.   I feel like my friends are gifts from God that help make my life do"able" during lonely moments.  The best part....they don't even know it.

Thank you to Sara, who ALWAYS is on my side of the story even when I am wrong.  She is always there for me when I need a cry, a hug, and someone to just laugh with.  She never seems to show up to my house empty handed.  She checks in on my often, and gives just the right advice at just the right time.  She tells me I can do anything, and kind of believes it.  She is extremely creative, tells me everything is easy.  I then try and fail miserably.:)  At least she believes I can do it:)  Those are the BEST friends.

Thank you to Anne, who ALWAYS KNOWS when to just show up.  She has an uncanny sense of intuition as to when I need a hug, a thought, or words of wisdom.  She just happened to show up a night I was about five minutes away from a marital dispute I was not sure I wanted to reconcile.:)  She just happened to show up at my door the day of a family engagement announcement that was a bit surprising.  She then had just the right thing to say.  She "happened" to show up the day I was giving birth and was in labor with Sammy.  She talked me through contractions for about about an hour while waiting for my husband to get home from work to take me to the hospital.  I was pretty delirious at this point, and panicky.  She was just so calm and loving.  Seriously saved me.  She showed up with a meal the day I got home from the hospital.  
She showed up tonight....just out of the blue to say hi and give me a hug.  I REALLY needed that.

Thank you to Becky my neighbor and dear friend two doors down.  She is always there in every way when I   need her.  She is my adult conversation during the day, my go to for eggs, butter, and random ingredients I am short of.  She is my Pinterest buddy....always coming up with amazing ideas,crafts, and fun things for kids.  She is Cath's favorite person to give a hug to EVERY  DAY.  She is my park buddy, my picture taking buddy, my sewing buddy, basically.....all the things I love......buddy.  She grew up on a dairy farm, and love horses, land, and everything natural.  She bakes pies from scratch, uses natural beauty to decorate.  She is an example in a million ways, and wonderful.  

Not to mention, Natalie who is an amazing example and strength.  Her husband works with mine, and four kids as well.  She is always there for me, always thinks of others.....simply wonderful.

I have friends that have moved on from Pennsylvania who I think of daily and give me strength.  Like Deanne and Katie whose husbands are going to work together in Arizona.  I am so jealous:)  I think daily of  Cybil scribble in Texas, Ashley in Alpine, Lauren in California, Evelyn in Washington, Lisa in Ohio, Amber and  Noelle who have just always "gotten" me.  Let me not forget Lynn who is the neighborhood resident "grandma" we all adore, and of course Megan my hair dresser.  She is pretty much my monthly therapist, and has been for the past 6 years:)  The list goes on an on.  I seriously love these people.  I saw this quote on Pinterest and it is fitting for my life.

so true

I am grateful for my younger brother Billy....who is as loyal as they come.  I talked to him earlier today, and he is always the first to know and ask about my life, not his.  He is an AMAZING strength and example.  He is a rock to me and I don't know what I would do without him.  We are both "living away" and the bond of knowing we are there for each other always is such a strength.

I have learned it is not what you have, it is who you have in your life that makes it meaningful.  This is a truth that I am going to stick by.

Good Night.


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DeAnn McWhorter said...

phew...I was mentioned. HaHa. I don't care how far we live from eachother you will always be one of my closest friends. You are a wonderful friend Jen. I miss you everyday!