Saturday, October 20, 2012

This weekend!

With Mike having been at a conference I have been gearing up for Halloween, and LOVing some good quality pinterest time.  I know....enough already right.  

I was however really excited to see this idea!

Frame a fabric or wallpaper sample.


It reminded me of one of my favorite "art" walls in my house.  The best part about my little framed DIY art....  they are actually napkins.:)  Yes...napkins.  You can't beat the price of a napkin these days.:)

BuzzFeed came up with a list of 39 ways to create art in your home.  If you click on this link "buzzfeed" you will see the entire list.  Some, actually many, I want to try in my own home.  Like......

Use masking tape to create a geoemetric, abstract painting.

DIY with masking tape.

Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint, and glue onto a canvas.

Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint, and glue on canvas.

Use a canvas on a hinge to cover an alarm panel or fuse box.

Put hinge on canvas to cover a security, or in our case fuse box.

Spraypaint papier-mch letters to create zinc alphabet letters.

Spray paint paper mache letters to create a zinc alphabet.

Easy to make garlands. 

The list goes on and on.......39 different ways to create art.  It is a pretty fantastic link.  

I am posting this as I am listening to Alyssa singing "The sun will come out tommorrow" to the top of her lungs.  She and Mikey are having movie night watching Annie, and loving it:)   Thank goodness for their happy little souls:)

Now I am off for my bed, brownies, icecream and a recorded episode of "project runway".
Yeah for my nights!!!

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