Sunday, December 9, 2012

At just the Right Time.......

Christmas is a time where much happiness and joy is present.  It is also such a time of reflection.  During the month of December I like to reflect on things I am grateful for, examples in my life, people I love and miss, and traditions I hold dear.  It is a happy time, but holds humbling emotions of love, loss, and a bit of insecurity.  
I say insecurity because Mike and I are once again at a crossroads, where our fate in life seems to be a bit unknown with big decisions drawing near.  Decisions on if he should specialize, where we want to live,  and where we will have an opportunity to live.      

I feel lots of love from my children and husband. I feel loss and nostalgia with memories of my Mom who passed away two years ago this Christmas.  I always feel extra close to her this time of year.  She is always my biggest advocate.  I feel happiness in thinking about traditions I grew up with, and traditions I want to have for my own family.  

This past weekend I was reminded how much I am grateful for one stable thing in my life.  My beliefs, and my religion.  It is the only thing that remains constant in my life, and it is the one  place I can go right now and feel like I am home!

We had our ward Christmas party last night.  It came at just the right time.  My beliefs and religion are my home.  It was a good reminder for me this Holiday season.

In memory of my Mom, my grandparents, and tradition we were all dressed in plaid and "christmased" out for the party.

  Mike who thinks I am crazy with the "plaid" infatuation called me on his way home, and asked me why I was in such a flurry.  I explained to him "Mike, we are getting ready for the party and getting "christmased" out.   He sighed, kind of laughed, and reminded me that he would not be wearing a Norwegian sweater:)    

I was just happy he made if for the party.  He was on call, and it is always a gamble.  He was the proud father of Sammy all night with a smile from ear to ear.  I really love this man despite our differing plaid/Norwegian sweater opinions.:)

Alyssa and Mikey participated in the program....

and the night ended with emails from Santa and an Elf that needs to remember to move more than just once a week.  The Elf has been a bit of my demise this year:)


DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oh jen...I love these last few posts. You had me laughing out loud. Love your family in sweaters. The sweet thing is that if Mike wasn't on call he probably would have sported his sweater, just for you. Our Elf and your Elf must be twins. We've got the same issues going on around here. I love your blog. You are so cute with the way you word things.

GeNee said...

Love all the plaid and the pictures. It is true it reminds me of Kathy. And all the sweaters are great too.

Amber said...

I love plaid!! You all look adorable and festive!
:) Amber