Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf On The Shelf MIA......

So our Elf on the shelf was MIA for a most of this week.  He actually just re appeared.  A bit on the embarrassing side to admit.....but the truth.  The question including myself asked is......"how in the world do you lose the elf on the shelf?"  
Lets just say a lesson was learned.  The elf should never appear in the coat closet.  Particularly when the coat closet that should hold two peoples coats.....holds six.  Mike who leaves early, early in the morning...somehow confused the elf while getting his coat and he was lost in the shuffle. 
At first I tried to explain to the kids that maybe the Elf left back to the North Pole because they weren't listening as good as they should.  After a couple days of this rational, and still not finding the Elf, I started to get worried they might be emotionally scarred from my explanation.
I scurried and searched....till finally one morning he magically appeared.  Catherine of all people found him hanging upside down in our Christmas Tree.

All is well again at the Sumko's.

On a brighter note.....the kids did get to see Santa this week 

Santa and Camp Hill's mascot Sparky were driving through the streets of the town on the firetruck a few nights ago.

As you can see my crew was THRILLED.

They passed out candy to the children.  Just what every parent dreams, a bag of sweet treats at 8:30 pm on  a school night. The memory and sweet smiles make it all worth it, I must admit.

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