Monday, December 3, 2012

Ta Da.

Catherine for a while has been known to surprise us with "ta da's". Usually it is "tada....  look at my picture", or "tada.... look at my baby doll", or "tada.... look at my cute dress up".  On occasion we have had some "tada" catastrophes.  Like last month when she said "tada.... to writing with pen all over my cream couch", or "tada look at the baby I am trying to carry upstairs".  Yes...there have been some treacherous "tada" moments in her little life so far.  

Yesterday took the cake however.   Mike and I were just getting ready to get the kids in bed, and cleaning up dinner.  Catherine came in from our sun room, and yelled "tada....look at my pretty hair".  She had found a can of hot pink spray paint from the utility closet (which honestly was hard to find) and sprayed her hair hot pink!

Yes, Catherine whose favorite color in all the world is pink, got her wish pink hair.

I just about had a heart attack.  I was so shocked and mad, I just stood in silence.  My first thought was "oh no we are going to have to shave her head again".  We had a disastrous experience a couple years ago with her first haircut.  Mike ended up shaving her head.  I blogged about it at the time....quite hilarious in hind site. 

I was determined I was not going to put her through another shaved head.  We headed straight to the bathtub, and after about a half hour of scrubbing....the hot pink finally came out.  

This little girl of mine and her "tada" moments are going to give me a heart attack. I just need to remember not let her cute little face, and smile fool me with her mischief.  This might be a life long test for me.

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Alicia said...

Catherine rocks. Seriously! Even though I would have had the exact same reaction as you had, because she is not my daughter and I am allowed objectivity, I think she is one of the most creative little girls I've heard of! I hope you took pictures of her pink hair to show her when she's older.