Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Y.

A few reasons why I love going to my gym the YMCA of Camp Hill.

1) It gets me out of the house in the morning.
2) It helps me have 45 minutes to myself, and I am able to always think more clearly about things....
3) It doesn't matter how I look at our YMCA.....high waisted eighties sweats are still the thing out here.
4)  I get to witness the 60 year old single scene at its best.  I have even popped in with dating advice to a couple of friends:)
5) My kids love the pretzels
and last but not least
6) My 70 year friend Marjorie always ends up next to me, and out ellipticals me every time...!! It inspires me to get into better shape:)

tiffany blue nike running shoes..yes.

I have been day dreaming of these turquoise running shoes.  I think they would definitely help me with my workouts:)