Monday, February 11, 2013

A Day.... In The Not My Usual Life

I  had one of those days I will not soon forget.  It was quite a fantastic one....I must admit. 
I have had a list of things that I have wanted to do while living in the East.  Kind of a bucket list of sorts.  
This past weekend, I checked a few off the list of things I have always wanted to do..
NYC, afternoon tea at the plaza, and the New York Opera.  

I took the train up on Friday morning, and arrived in the heart of NYC at 11:00 am.  Amazing....I live so close.  I had forgotten.:)  

I met gorgeous Lynn.  We headed straight to fifth avenue where we got makeovers at Henri Bendel.  Wow....that store was fun!  I bought some lipstick.  Sometimes that is all you need:)  

We then headed next door to Bergdorf Goodman.  The most fancy, amazing store, I have ever been in.  It is a mansion with different rooms showcasing different designers.  We had so much fun looking in EVERY room.  I am obsessed with fabrics (my favorite show is project runway).....I was in heaven.  

I was convinced I saw at least a couple of super models shopping with their little dogs in tow.
This was the view from the 7th floor of Bergdorf's.  The huge snow storm NYC had this weekend made it even a bit more magical. 

We then headed to....

The plaza for tea.  Herbal that is.......They also served little gourmet crumpets of sorts.  I felt so fancy!

After the plaza, it was about time for 

The Opera.  The Opera in a snow storm.  The Lincoln Center was beautiful that night.  
 Goodness, I had no idea what a treat!  Lynn my friend, has an AMAZING voice herself, and attends the Opera regularly.  It was extra fun to go with someone so talented and passionate as herself. 

The next morning I found myself on the street of fifth avenue for a few hours of browsing.  
I was able to make it home to Harrisburg just in time for dinner.

I am still in my pj's on this Monday morn....reminiscing.....

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