Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Great To Be Eight

We are excitedly anticipating Alyssa's baptism in March.  It is going to be in Utah with family, and she is ready!
Her 8th birthday was in December, and she has been anticipating her baptism day for a while.  
I worked on this little invite yesterday.

A cute story.  Last night when Mike got home and we "thought" the kids were asleep, we were talking and I showed him this little invitation.  About that exact time Alyssa walks in our room.  She had her hoodie sweatshirt over her head...and looked tall, and grown up.  Mike said, "Alyssa, did you see what Mom did for you today".  Cute Mike, my advocate.  Alyssa in all of her gust replies, just like SHE is the MOM...."I know Dad I am just so proud of her."  It caught me off guard, and I started laughing and laughing.  

Once again a reality hit me about this little girl of mine.  She takes care of me quite possibly more than I take care of her, and ALWAYS has. I gave her, with her little orange hoody on, and big brown eyes starring at me a huge hug and a kiss. I went to bed once again reminded how blessed I am to have her in my LIFE. 

I had so much fun making her little dress with remnants from one of my dresses when I was eight.

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