Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Park, and an Estate Sale

I already have favorite spots in Atlanta.  One of them is the park....very important for a mother of four.  Chastain park to be exact.  It is big, but quaint,  and full of charm.  

It is a park like none other I have seen.  It is actually more than just a park.  It has tennis courts attached, a golf course, a three mile running trail, an art museum, an equestrian club, baseball fields, huge Olympic size outdoor swimming pools, an amphitheatre....the list goes on and on.  

I have a favorite building which happens to be the Chastain Arts Museum.  It is an old, Georgian building, with robbin egg blue brick, large white columns, and a huge wrap around porch.  It is shabby chic, colonial, and and full of character.

I took Catherine and the baby there yesterday morning for pictures.  

As I was leaving the park, I happened upon an estate sale sign.  So I decided to venture.  

This was the house, and it was an estate sale of huge grandeur:).   EVERYTHING in the house was for sale, and when I say everything.....I mean it.  I was quite shocked.  Apparently the owners were moving to Florida and just wanted everything sold?? 

It was a fun experience, I will not forget.  I walked away with a beautiful little oil painting from a local Atlanta artist.  It will hang on my wall, and always remind me of my stay.:)  

The days here have been flying by.  I am trying to take advantage of every day that I can, because we don't know how much longer we are going to be able to stay.  

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