Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me:) and To Mike Tomorrow:)

Today is my birthday!  Wow....I am getting old.:)  

It is a lovely day in Georgia.  
Usually birthdays are over rated.  Today however, has been an unusually pleasant birthday.  

Because Mike and I practically share the same birthday, we just celebrate all week.  We started yesterday.

We took the family to the Sandy Springs Arts Festival.

I couldn't resist buying myself a birthday hat, for the pool this summer.  These hats were flying off the rack, and were being sold to woman right and left.  I decided.....I REALLY needed to have one.  LOVE IT.  The only problem with it being so big is.....

1) It can almost literally knock someone out
2) It might look like a hot pink sombrero with a bow on the back
3) My peripheral vision is horrible while wearing it, advised to not wear and drive.

This morning I headed to church with the kids by myself....Mike was on call.  I met a number of lovely people.   However I only got to listen to about five minutes of it because of Sammy and his wiggles.   Sammy really needs the nursery:)  Six months until he is eligible, and let me tell you  I am counting.

After church we tried to take naps, but with all of us in such close quarters it just wasn't happening. 

I loaded up the kids and headed out for the afternoon.  I took them to "the" park to play and take pictures.  The park was for them, the pictures for me:) A birthday present from them to me:)

As they were playing they gathered these little weeds.....

and brought them to me with sheer excitement.  Mikey was beaming with pride especially.  "Mom, I got you these special flowers.  I picked them myself."  Alyssa piped in it that was her idea.   

They were troopers with letting me take their pictures.....

Sammy is oh so close to walking....

Maybe by his birthday next week.....

Alyssa is getting to be a good little photographer herself....

She even took "my" birthday picture.:)

After the park we headed to little french bakery not far from where we live.


Mike even got to join us for the yummy treats.  Goodness....I love my family.  

I have felt a lot of prayers on this birthday. 
Because of my religious beliefs, I know that prayers are real.  Just recently our church had General Conference.  A favorite talk of mine was given by President Packer.  The title of the talk.

"These Things I Know".  A quote from this talk really has stood out to me.  He said....

"I have come to know that faith is a real power, not just an expression of belief.  There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a righteous mother."  

This stood out to me for a couple of different reasons.  First of all it is very relevant to my life now as a mother to four children.  I pray for them every single day, and I know that God hears my prayers for these beautiful children of mine.  

It has also stood out to me because I still feel my mothers prayers as much today, as I did when she was here on earth with me.  I have felt her prayers as of late for me to be happy, and for me to be at peace.  Especially on this birthday of mine.

What a blessing that I believe these things to be true.  They give me a lot of strength in the crazy world in which I live where unfortunately not "everyone" is an advocate for good.:)

I have felt on this birthday the prayers of my mother and family, and am grateful for the prayers that I offer to my children.  

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DeAnn McWhorter said...

This was a beautiful post. It was so fun to talk to you today and catch up a little bit. Your mint skirt is adorable and I almost bought it last night on anthro on line. I was contemplating mint or black??? I guess we both have great taste.