Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Plan!

We have a plan for our future:)  That is at least for one more year after Mike graduates from Residency.

Mike got a joint fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona for August 1st, 2014.  I know.....still a ways away.  But nonetheless a plan.  And a plan that we are very excited about.
We have been waiting for match day on pins and needles for a few months now to know our fate.
I tried really hard not to get hopes up about anything that was to happen, but deep down I was thrilled about the outcome. 

We loved the time that we spent visiting Arizona in the beginning of March, and now I have to look forward to making it my home in the future.  With dear friends like Deanne and family....we are seriously blessed to move on down to join them.

Sometimes when things seem to work out the way that you hope them to, it feels very humbling.  It feels humbling because you know that you are being helped along the way from above.  It is humbling because you know that with good things, come bigger responsibility.  "Where much is given much is required", a favorite scripture.  It is humbling because you know the way you have it all planned is always going to be a bit different in the end than you expect.  And mostly it is humbling because I know first hand on a day that I am excited and hopeful about life, there is someone else close by that is having a horrible day, with horrible news.  

I was reminded of this just yesterday after I got the news.  I was Target and was standing next to a woman who was visibly ill without any hair, and scarf around her head.  Catherine bumped into her, and we just started talking.  She started explaining to me that she was going through her second round of chemo from cancer she found out about in February.  She has two children in high school, and I could just tell she was having a miserable day.

Quickly my excitement of my day became real in a different way.  I was reminded that as wonderful as my day was going, it could easily be swept away in a moments time....humbling.  I felt sad for a moment.  I felt sad because I have had some hard days in my own life, and we all have and will.  

The nice woman reminded verbally how lucky I was to have young babies and to be healthy.  My days perspective changed a bit after that.    We need to celebrate the good days, not fear the bad ones, but be mindful that both make us who we are.  I know....a deep thought by Jenn....:)

On a super bright note.....

We celebrated Sammy's first birthday as a family last night at Magianno's.  

I recognize I say this about every baby of Alyssa, Mikey and Catherine when you read this someday don't be upset.  I think Sammy may be my cutest one year old yet:)  haha....he is pretty scrumptious I must say these days.....
A handful....but scrumptious.

This afternoon we divided our family and conquered.  Mom took the girls to do girl things, and Dad headed out with the boys, for some boy bonding:)

shopping, frozen yogurt, and house drive bys were on the girls list of things to do.
The boys.....I just heard the mention of hamburgers.:)  


GeNee said...

I am excited for you!

DeAnn McWhorter said...

Such a awesome post. You should be a writer! You really have a way with words. We are beyond excited to turn you in to Arizonans!!! It could not come fast enough!

Kate Brown said...

JENN! First of all, my sister, Liz, gave me your blog address. It's so fun to read about your life! It sounds like you two have so much in common! I am so happy about your match to PHX. What a great place to live. Plus, so much closer to family here in UTAH! I just got teary eyed as I read this post. I love your introspective thoughts. You are so real, yet so positive. It's fun to read. Not to mention, you are still so gorgeous and your kids are too! I wish you could come plant some flowers for me and do a little interior designing for me too! Good luck in the next year or so! Love, Kate