Friday, May 3, 2013

We have been MIA as of late.  
A bit of a traveling family.  We are home in Pennsylvania for a few weeks.  We are going to head back down to Atlanta again in a few weeks.  Plans changed with our housing situation.  We just have to go with the flow in this family as of late.:)   

Since we have been home we have been nesting a bit.  The kids have been screaming, and jumping all over the house.  Something they could not do in the apartment.  Life in a house is a blissful reminder.....that your own private property is precious.  

We have literally been digging in the mud around this house.  Doing a lot of yard work and house cleaning. 
My neighbors Peg, and Becky are way ahead of the game with their gardening.  I am trying to play catch up.  They are true gardener's and I love learning and gathering their tricks of the trade.  They take pity on my want to be green thumb and are always there to help.  Peg's husband Joe even mowed our lawn for us while we were gone with the goodness of his heart.  Bless that man.  

I took the kids to the garden store for some flower shopping.  My FAVORITE thing to do in the spring time.  Of course I had to go to Ashcombe.  All the kids had their own cart, and it was quite the sight with the five of us going through the aisles in a single file line.  

We made it home with some goods.  The kids were really excited about planting for about five minutes....and then I was left alone.  

My most avid gardner of the group.....Cath.

She calls her pink crocs her "mud pie shoes".   She loves them because she can "make mud pies in them"  (and not ruin them with all the dirt).

Her gloves she found in the bottom kitchen drawer.  I was wearing a pair because I couldn't find my gardening gloves, and I had just painted my nails.  Oh my goodness.....we were a sight to behold in that front yard of ours.

During her gardening she started singing "I am going to pop some tags, I got twenty dollars in my pocket"....her favorite rap song on the radio.  Yes....I listen to hip hop in the car with my kids.  Mike is even worse, he teaches them all their dance moves:)  She then proceeded to tell me that she started to sing that song in primary, but her sunbeam class didn't know the words.  

Hum.......I feel like a great mother.:)  I did get a good laugh however!    

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DeAnn McWhorter said...

Sounds like you all need to cruise around with Brian Sr. Oh how I miss springtime in PA!! Savor every second of it.