Saturday, April 6, 2013

Life as of Late!

We made it home to Pennsylvania....alive and well.
This week has been week of revamp.
It has felt so so good to be home!

I didn't realize how much I missed home, until we walked in the door.  A sigh of relief, and a feeling of love swept over me.   I LOVE MY HOME.  It is not large, it is old, it has a list of a million things that need to be done to it.  It is not glamorous......  But is OUR HOME, and we LOVE it. 

A favorite part of being home besides sleeping in our own beds has been catching up with friends.

As pictured above...the reunion has been sweet.

Lots of craziness has been brewing.....

Some good bike riding.....

Mikey came running in a couple of mornings ago....thrilled he had done Sammy's hair.  The "mohawk" .  "Mom, this is the coolest hair do ever".  Mikey's exact words.
I must admit...he does look pretty cute.

The Shover girls had us over for a spa night in celebration of Austyn's birthday.

All were in included....even Sammy got a foot rub.

All in all the week has been a good one.  Only one major pitfall.  The night before Mike left to Atlanta he decided it was time to fix a small leak in our washing machine.  A few hours later, after he had taken it apart completely he informed me the machine was beyond repair, with not hope for fixing in sight.

I am pretty sure this was his plot to get us down to Atlanta as soon as possible.:)

Life is just not the same without Mike or my washing machine.

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