Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Trek.

We loaded up the car, and headed to the South.  With a couple of stops on the ways, we made it in good time and with good company to Atlanta, Georgia:)  for a few couple/few months time.

I am proud of the troop above:)  You learn A LOT about people when you travel.  

Things I am reminded about each of my children while travelling.

Alyssa:  The organizer.  She makes sure everyone has their backpacks, their water bottles, and their "colorings":)  She keeps us on task and checks the time QUITE often.

Mikey:  The man on the move. If we are sitting still, he is the one who makes sure we are not.... moving, jumping, teasing, prodding, and well.....you get the picture.  Mikey is good at carrying his weight in luggage plus.  He likes his sisters to know he eats the "most vegetables" like his Dad.  This makes him the "strongest". 

Catherine:  Catherine snugler/story teller.  She makes sure she is ALWAYS cozy with her pink blanket in hand.  She is snugly, and giggly all along the way.  She likes to point at random objects along the road, and make up long stories you "almost" believe:)

Samuel:  All about the food.  Sammy is good at eating and drinking pretty much non stop along the travels.  It keeps him quiet and occupied.  He may need a diet after all the travelling is done:)
Sammy is really good at big smiles for perfect strangers which has helped us get through a few harrowing lines at the airport, and sticky situations:)

And Mom......  Surviving it all without a major meltdown is key at hand:)  
I am trying my best to "think" about all the little things.....and not to think about all the "little" things, at the same time.   I don't even know if that makes any sense....but that it my reality.

We are all happy to be here for an adventure, and to be with Mike.
We have been here for 24 hours and are already falling in LOVE with the SOUTH.


DeAnn McWhorter said...

You are so positive!!! You are a trooper.

Amber said...

My dream is to visit Georgia. People think I'm weird for having such a simple dream, but the charm of the south is blissfully inviting. I hope you all had a great time. :) Amber