Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Day!

I am not having much luck with appliances as of late.  In our apartment yesterday....

1) the AC went out
2) the washing machine died and
3) the vaccuum had its last moment

The bright side of things is....
We don't have to fix any of them.  Our landlord takes care and pays for it.:)

In the meantime I went out on some escapades to avoid our current living "conditions".
I found a couple of antiques stores and

couldn't resist this lovely find from the Goodwill in Buckhead.  For $15.00 I would say it was a steal.

The other day I found the fabric district. A top priority on my list of things to do and see in Atlanta.    I know I am weird:)

I found some great little spots, and finds.  Fabric I could buy online, but great to see in person.

This was a favorite store.  Just the outside was enough to make me want to go in.  I LOVE the color combo.:)

I bought some more chevron to make a few more skirt orders, and to make a tablecloth inspired by my Aunt.  Good thing I brought my sewing machine with me.

This blue is kind of my recent favorite.  
My next project is to make me one.:)

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