Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It is hard to start blogging/journaling again when you haven't for even just one week.  But I am committed once again.  It is hard to know where to begin after even just a week of not writing.  

Where to begin?

Lets begin with....
It took me about 24 hours to really fall in love with the South, and Atlanta.  
I have never been in this part of the country, and it is an experience like none other.  I have always envisioned and daydreamed of the South to be a certain way.  In my short stay thus far...it is what I envisioned.  

People are friendly, and hospitable.  The shopping and food is fantastic.  The weather and vegetation is lush and beautiful.  The houses are traditional, with so much detail, and character galore. 

I have been distracted as of late....by 
1) My kids running wild
2) The shopping...I haven't been around this much good shopping in a long time
3) The houses ......I have been driving around everywhere. 
4)The weather......it has been warm sunny.  A good dose of the sun does wonders for my soul.

We are staying in a one bedroom apartment.  Crazy with the six of us.....yes.  However, with the amenities including sun, seeing my husband, good shopping, good food, and good weather.....I will take the sacrifice of a one bedroom any day.:)

The kiddies have been a bit wild....and I quickly have learned that homeschooling even for just a few months is FAR more difficult than I originally envisioned.  With that being said....they are now enrolled here in a darling little school half a mile away.  I could not feel more relief for them and me:)  My patience was growing a bit thin, and my mothering skills were needing aid.  I am not afraid to admit.....I DEFINITELY can't do it all.  I need some help from trained professionals:)

We are fortunate to be living in such a beautiful area.  We are just a few miles from what I now know to be the famous "Buckhead" area.  

I have seen this picture on Pinterest, and yes it really does exist and is just a few miles from where we live.  

Another example of a favorite home.  This one is literally on my way to my favorite mall.

Growing up one of my favorite memories with my Mom,  sister, and even Aunts on occasion was to drive around town looking at beautiful homes in Salt Lake.  We would notice wreaths on the front door, architecture, landscape, color schemes etc.......
I grew up loving that little tradition.  I always had a "favorite" house that would change from year to year.  They were always "traditional" in style.  

Every time I drive around looking at houses, I smile and wish they were all with me.  I now drag my kids, and husband.  They all have their "favorite" houses now.  It is amazing what little "traditions" you hold on to, and become silly but meaningful.


DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oh my gosh we totally did that when I was little too...no wonder we are kindred spirits.

Amber said...

Beautiful pictures and writing! We did the same thing with my mom after church every Sunday growing up! We all had our favorite houses in the "rich" neighborhood as we'd call it. I always chose the southern style houses.
Amber :)