Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am working on some spring cleaning with my photography blog.  Not much, just a little.  It always feels good to spring clean.......literal or digital:)

 A new header
for blog

This is our friend Chloe here in Georgia.  She is the only other child in the complex, and we have all grown attached to these big brown eyes, and sweet little soul.

We are going to surprise her Dad for Father's Day with a few beautiful pictures of her that I got to take.  Her Dad is a single father, and the maintenance worker for all of the apartment units.  He is a busy man.  We owe him big time....... we have had a couple of lock in's we have needed help undoing. 

Chloe even helped me prepare for our own Father's Day surprise.....

The amazing things you can do with photoshop!!!

A couple preview pictures.....for a recent project.    I was recently inspired by this......

A fantastic alternative to snapfish for a beautiful, classy, hardback photo book.  
Click here for the website.  

I always had a complex growing up because I was HORRIBLE at scrapbooking.  
With all the digital alternatives....scrapbooking can have a new definition.  

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GeNee said...

I love the layout of your new blog. You are so smart, and can do so many things. I want to make one of those pretty books too.