Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in Atlanta

We made it back to Atlanta, just in time for some good summer sunshine.

Oh goodness, I have fallen in love with Atlanta one more time this year.    
The biggest reason I love it down here this time around is....I am able to be with my HUSBAND!  

His three month ortho/pediatric rotation is coming closer to the end.  I surely love this husband of mine, and he has surely been missed.  Good to see this handsome man!  We can definitely tell from this picture where Sammy doesn't get his fair skin.

These two are quite a cute combo.

This picture just makes me laugh!  

I always love a road trip, but traveling with the four kids changes the definition of loving a road trip.  It is all about expectations.  I have decided with life in general if you are prepared by expecting long journeys to be completely crazy, and disastrous, they usually turn out better than expected. hahaha.  

My favorite memories so far.....

1)  Farewell signs on our car from our darling and favorite neighbors upon departure.
2)  Country music the entire way driving down. 
(somewhere along the way in my life I have been converted to country music) 
3)  Our pizza hut stop in the middle of no where on the drive down.  We devoured an extra large cheese pizza in about 5 minutes tops.  Sammy ate the most.
4) Swimming pretty much non stop since we got here
5) The greasy hamburger joint "Steak and Shake" our kids deemed their new "FAVORITE" restaurant. I was so proud of myself I had some buy one get one free coupons, and ate for pennies. 
6)  Seeing our good friend Chloe (the only other child in the complex).
7) Knowing that I am legitimately on vacation with no guilt attached......home school is officially OVER!

 My least favorite memory, but a memory nonetheless .......

Alyssa waking up at 3:00 AM screaming bloody murderer because there was a cockroach the size of a baseball on our wall.  It took a giant shoe, a brave Mom, and some heavy hitting to get rid of that thing.  Mike slept through the entire ordeal.

I surely wasn't smiling then.......

Welcome to the South in the Summer!  Yikes.  

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GeNee said...

I imagine it is so hot. No wonder you are staying by the pool. I love that picture of you.