Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pinching Pennies Fashion Blog

I am not a fashion blogger.....nor do I aspire....I just couldn't resist the title of this post.   I am not against fashion bloggers, in fact I follow and pin like crazy the popular sites.  They have great ideas, and a tremendous fashion sense.  They are successful at what they do, and it is paying for part of their living.  Hats off to them for working hard to inspire us with great ideas.  

With that being said....I can no more simply not say my peace.  As much as I follow them, I have a few issues.  The beauty of my blog is simple.  It is my voice, and my opinion that I can share. 

Now to preface....I really don't think there is anything wrong with splurging on items, and trying to look your best.  Fashion and shopping really is a creative expression of who one is, and who one wants to be.  What you wear I believe lets you express to the world part of who you are, and part of who you want to be.  I  love to shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry and makeup.  I have nothing against anyone that does.  I worked in retail my entire high school/college life just to enable my love of clothes.   

Here are my issues with fashion bloggers as of late.
1) You don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to look good, and feel cute in the latest fashions.  That message isn't always clear in these fashion blogs.  This is a message I think is important for younger girls to know.  Thousands and thousands of dollars just don't have to spent.
2) If something is too short, it is simply just too short.  Coming from someone very tall if you think it might be  a little on the short is just too short.

3) There really are starving people in Africa.  In fact there are starving people just down the street from where we all live in America.  I just think this is something to not lose sight of no matter what our hobbies, or creative passions may be.  

With that being said....I am fashion blogging today.   Totally out of my comfort zone....I am doing it.  This post has just been festering.

Let us all celebrate the beauty of bargains in this world.  Let us enjoy things that are long enough, and for heavens sake....let's not OVER accessorize.:)   Let's all get dressed up more often to get our picture taken.  Most importantly let us all remember that although really is just "dress up".  At the end of the day we all sleep the same.:)

Top:  Target: $13.50, Skirt: Target $18.00, Shoes: Target $24.00, 
Necklace: Ebay $10.00 with $3.00 shipping, Sunglasses: Old Navy $5.00, 
Lipstick: Revlon from Right Aid

Happy Shopping!

Photography :  Alyssa Sumko:)



Unknown said...

i love this! so, so true. i have always loved your style.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

Too too cute!

Amber said...

Love this post! I totally agree! :) Amber