Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So far the day......

There is always some type of small drama in our family as of late.  The kids slept downstairs after begging.  Mikey came running up early, early in the morning yelling a mouse or a rat crawled up his arm.  I am still not sure if it was a dream or reality, but rest assured....I didn't rest after that.

I planned a little lunch at the park for a dear friend who is moving soon.  Running errands in preparation I noticed my car wasn't running smoothly.  One hour before the party was to start, I noticed my tire was COMPLETELY FLAT!  Yikes.  I drove with hazards to a nearby tire center, and with REALLY good luck they changed it with a new one for $25.00, in fifteen minutes.  (I know unheard of....another story for another day). 

With the miracle of the tire change.....
I made it just in time to the party.  Luckily it wasn't at my house.  
Hosting a party at the park  is the way to go with lots of small kids.

I am loving these striped lanterns I bought at Target,

and pink peonies, that are in full bloom everywhere. 

Cath trying to appear helpful.:)

Mikey not even trying, but happy as can be.:)

The girls......

My good friend Brittany who has brightened us with friendship over the past few years.

I will miss her and her darling little family.  

The party was fun, the kids are still playing, and I am still looking for that "mouse" that woke us all up in the first place.

I REALLY hope it doesn't exist.!

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