Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Week!

This week has gone by in a flash.  Wow ......!  A few recent updates.
Working on some house projects.  Alyssa's room to start.

Textiles can make a world of difference to change up a room a bit.  I realized however, that a few pillows and new curtains can cost a small fortune.  So.....I pulled out three yards of my beloved hot pink Chevron fabric I bought in Atlanta and put my wonderful pfaff sewing machine to good use.  I was pleasantly VERY surprised how much I like the outcome.  I added a couple of pillows from TJ Maxx, and walla.

A bit of an older twist to a girly shabby chic room.

The small details in her room are what really make me happy.  A nesting doll from her Aunt Rebecca, a small pip studio pitcher from me.....

A vintage print that my Mom gave me when Alyssa was born, and wooden shoes that were my "first" antique purchase in Pennsylvania.  I am all for details, and sentiment.

All for a girl who is growing up right before my eyes.

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