Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This boy needs a helmet!

 Samuel  L A T E L Y>>>>>>

1) FEARLESS in the swimming pool
2) Quick to smile at strangers, and most prone to cry at the sight of a sibling
3) Highest pitched scream in the family, even louder than Mikey
4) Needs the most sunscreen
5) Loves to climb the stairs (his favorite past time)
6) Devours cauliflower, green grapes, and nutella sandwiches.  Everything else....just ok.
7) Is happy to go on walks, and prefers lots of noise and commotion (hum probably because that is what he is use to)
8) A bit wobbly on his feet

Hence..the blog title...

This boy needs a helmet.:)...or a badge of honor for surviving the falls!

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