Monday, August 12, 2013


This entry is for and about Mikey.  So cute little Mike has a strong, slightly shy personality.  He loves to tease, and he loves to be a BOY in every sense of the word.  He is often jumping, screaming, tackling, and just being a boy.  

Mikey has a little mischievous, teasing side and I often wonder.  "What is Mikey REALLY thinking?"  He is a man of few words with how he is feeling, or what he is really thinking.  I worry about that sometimes because I always love to know exactly what EVERYONE is thinking.  

He is a man on the sly and he surprises us sometimes.  Like last month.  All of the sudden out of the blue he wanted to bear his testimony at church.  OK.....I thought....not really believing, but encouraging.  He got right up (the first one) and bore his testimony in front of 100 people without a blink of an eye.  I WAS SHOCKED!  I must admit.  I had nothing to do with it except smile from ear to ear.  

Another sweet Mikey moment is when he says prayers.  He takes them seriously.  Tonight at dinner I was reminded.  It was one of those very casual last minute....what can we have for dinner kind of nights.  Basically like most much as I hate to admit...but true.

Mikey reminded me that we needed to say a prayer before we ate.  So I asked him if he would say it. 
Two minutes into the prayer Mike and I are looking at each other, I am trying hard to concentrate and not laugh, as Mikey is going on and on and on with ALL sincerity about every little thing we did and didn't even know he thought about.
 He prayed for everyone he knew, and even included those he didn't.  He even prayed for the missionaries.  He prayed that people wouldn't throw rocks at them.  Where he got that....I am still not sure (he mentioned something about a story from sharing time).

It was a sweet Mikey moment that made me smile.  I had to document.  Someday when he is serving as a missionary I hope to remind him that he prayed when he was a little boy to not have rocks thrown at the missionaries.  I know his prayers now will be heard then. 

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