Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simple Prop..priceless picture.

Most people on a Friday evening go out to dinner, and maybe to a movie.  They go out with friends, have a night on the town.  
My husband and I....

We get in the car, I grab a couple of props....and we head out in search of Pennsylvania farms and field lands we haven't discovered yet for pictures.  

WE ARE Kind of Weird I know:)
But I love that I am with Mike.  I love that my kids are usually involved with it all.  Smiling most of the time amazingly. I love that my husband just not only goes with the flow...but is avidly involved.  I love that he doesn't think I am crazy...because he is as crazy as me:)   

This is such a simple prop that made for a cute photo.

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Amber said...

I love this post. Sounds like the perfect Friday...and not crazy at all. :)