Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dad in town

My Dad is in town....and it is WONDERFUL to have him stay with us.  He is so easy going, and it just takes me home by being with him.  He came out for the week and we are loving the time with him.  We drove to Lancaster County to our favorite spots yesterday.  The drive was great as we reminisced about growing up, my Mom, and my brothers and sister.  So many happy memories were sparked in our conversation.  It just made me smile.  I really had the greatest parents.  They were better than I ever even realized until I became a parent.  I feel blessed to have them as my mentors.  I know my Mom, although passed away, is still mentoring and helps me along the way.  

This picture reminds me how much I look like my DAD.

Sammy....again on a road to no where:)  haha.  Actually  we visited yet once again our favorite Amish family farm.  We love the Lapp family and their perfectly manicured home.  They sell the BEST milk, cheese, and icecream I dare say in the country.  They have lots of animals my kids LOVE.  Sammy and Cath especially loved the new kittens yesterday.

My favorite Amish meat store.  

Contemplating his future employment possibly on a farm??  The more animals the better.:)

Little Cath all decked out in her fall gear.  She is the only one in my family that likes to wear hats....I take full advantage.

Sampling all the Amish goods..... 

Cath persuading me that she needs a baby kitten....I was tempted while watching her LOVE this little one.   

I know tempting....I feel like a bad Mom for not having a pet around the house, but a fish is about all I can handle these days.  This pic is pretty cute though...I must say.

I  really loved the day.  It was therapeutic on many levels.  Escaping from crazy life for just a few hours with my DAD was GREAT!

We made it home just in time for school piano lessons, and soccer practice.  Shwew.  

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DeAnn McWhorter said...

KATHERINE IS SOOOOOO ADORABLE! and I love your cute chunky belt.