Friday, October 25, 2013

$20 in my pocket.....

One of my Catherine's favorite songs from the radio she likes to sing is "I'm gonna pop some tags I've got $20 in my pocket."  It is quite hilarious.....I need to video tape it....Hence the title of this post.  

The other day I found $20 plus a my pocket and it made me smile from ear to ear.  It made me smile because it brought a memory of my own Mom slipping $20 in my pocket over the years growing up.  Giving me a little extra something....even if that meant she went without.

Last week when I was getting ready to go to San Diego with Mike I was excited and nervous.  It was kind of a big deal for us to go across the country without our little kids for four days.  I knew it was going to be a great trip, but had some apprehension while preparing.

As I was preparing for my trip, I pulled out my favorite purse to use for the excursion.  It is my favorite not only because it is lovely and quite expensive, but also because it was my Mom's.  It was a purse that I bought with her one day at Nordstrom's while she was in the middle of her chemo treatments.  It was a pick me up purse.....a gold Tory Burch.  Something she never would have bought when she was younger....she would have spent the money on her children instead. 

I pulled out the purse and started putting my essentials in it, while reminiscing what an amazingly generous and loving Mom I have.   As I was packing my hot pink lipstick I noticed a pocket I hadn't used in a long time.  I opened the pocket to find a birthday check sent from my parents three years earlier.  It was tucked away in HER purse.  

For some reason I thought that I had cashed this check years earlier.  In fact I was quite sure that I had cashed the check, and still can't quite figure it out.   The only sense that I make is that my Mom still "fills my pockets", and it was made evidenced to me through my finding the money.  

I am not implying that it was by magic or some sign that it was perfectly placed in my purse.  It is more a reminder that sweet and simple experiences can bring back feelings, and give me comfort.  I was reminded this past week with my Dad in town visiting that both my parents are still such a force in my life.  Every day I think about doing things that will make them proud.  I want to hold up my part working and making good choices.....because they did.  They were great examples in a million ways, and I want to grow up to be JUST like them.  

They weren't perfect, and Heaven knows I am FAR from.  But both my parents have always tried to live an upward life.  A life that values hard work, serving others, being committed to beliefs, helping those in need.  

It was just the type of thing that my Mom would do if she was here today.  She would slip me $20 or so:) in my pocket on a special occasion.....or just for a pick me up.  She would tell  me not to worry, and to "JUST GO HAVE FUN!"  

I LOVE IT!    

So that is exactly what I did.  I went to Sunny California and I just had fun.  I splurged on a shirt in Kate Spade....I NEVER would have bought and have been living it up with good friends, my husband, and most recently my Dad.

A view from the Hershey Hotel.  My Dad took Mike and me to the Hershey Hotel brunch....and it was WONDERFULLY delicious.   

My cute husband not in his latest "roofing" gear.  It was a nice reprieve from his job, and his side work fixing up our house.  

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