Wednesday, October 30, 2013

why oh oh my.....

Last year I swore I was done with family halloween costumes.  I had taken my turn of duty last year, and I felt complete.  This year as the days were looming near the eves of the Camp Hill Parade.....I caught the bug.  The Halloween family costume spirit bug.  

Really I don't have anyone else to blame for the event happenings, but myself and my kids.  I was influenced however by my friends DeAnne, Sara, Becky, Emily who always seem to dress up big time for Halloween festivities.  

When my husband agreed to be a street sweeper family was sold. 
Mary Poppins, Street Sweeper and Company.....

My kids were determined that this was going to be the year of the titling 1st place in the Camp Hill Parade.  The thought made me chuckle....for how could we ever attain such status in this town:)  hahaha.

Let me tell you about this little parade of ours here in Camp Hill.  It is a throw back in time involving a few hundred participants, a number pinned on your back, firetrucks, people DECKED out in costumes with some floats included.  It is a spectacle for this little town of ours.  It ends at the town hall, where I am pretty sure the mayor or some important Camp Hill Diplomat of the town announces winners for costumes.  Cupcakes are then dispersed, decorated and families socialize.  It is an elementary school reunion of sorts.  

The streets of Camp Hill are lined with people from the town watching the parade whiz by.  Those participating in the parade throw candy to those watching.  Let me just was a culture shock my first year I attended over 7 years ago.  I am a proud veteran participant at this point, and was thrilled to be wearing a wig as a partial disguise waltzing the street with my family. 

It was quite the night and in the end my kids were thrilled with a victory.
1st place folks!  This wig didn't walk for nothing in the end.

Mike won it for us I am convinced.  HE WAS THE ONLY DAD who dressed up for the occasion.  Where would my life be without this man.  
My kids left with pride, and we can leave Camp Hill with a buck list item checked off the list.  
A prize at the Camp Hill Parade.:)  

There are about three more stories involved in the evening, including my dear friend Sara's kids costumes.....they were ADORABLE.  But as for now...I am off to bed.

One more big day ahead for the week....and then off for a vacation.  At least in my head:)!!!


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Amber said...

I'll say it again....I love your blog! Your life stories are full of whimsy and charm. :)