Monday, October 28, 2013


I love these pictures of Alyssa reading a book to her dearest friend Austyn.  They were so sweet and calm while reading the other day.  I was in the midst of action with my other three and loved to see the picture above.  

Reading is one of those things that I mean to do more often than I actually do.  Reading on my own, and reading to my kids.  It seems the minute I sit down and open a book I think of something urgent that needs to be done.  The last couple of months I have been TRYING HARD to focus on reading with my little Mikey at nights.  He is in first grade and his strength is more with numbers.  

It has been a challenge embarrassingly enough to admit to take extensive time to sit down and work with him on his reading.  For the past month the schedule has been this.....  Brush our teeth, tuck Catherine and Sammy into bed and then head up to where Mikey and Alyssa sleep.  They still refuse to sleep without the other....(another story for another day).  I lay flat in the middle of the two of them, and Mikey and I pull out Dick and Jane books.  He reads, while I listen and try not to dose off to sleep.
Through this whole process I have felt closer to my little Mikey lately.  I see where he struggles, I hear in his voice determination and his growing sense of security with words.  
It has been a sweet little experience....
Lately I recognize if I do nothing more than read with Mikey at night....I have done what I need to get done.  It is a good feeling!

Good habits are hard to keep, but can make all the difference.  My goal is to make reading with my kids a habit that sticks.  I want Mikey to remember that his Mom took the time at nights to read with him while he was growing up.  

His birthday is in two days....and boy am I grateful for my little man.  

His smile, and determination melts my heart!

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