Monday, November 11, 2013

Camp hill most wanted! I never thought!!!

I am one of those people that just seems to attract random and embarrassing scenarios.
Within the past few years I have particularly seemed to experience some "random" experiences.  I have had interesting conversations, met random people, and have even had a few surprising confrontations.
I have been judged quite surely along the way, sized up by some, and possibly misinterpreted. Yesterday took the cake in regards to misinterpreting my motives.  It was quite hillarious in hindsight, and even at the time....but I was judged in a way I NEVER quite thought possible.

I made the headlines folks.  True story...ABC news, and  I even had a facebook page apparently.  Fortunately my name and picture (which was in possesion) was never published.  So......
here is the headline folks, and blurb posted Friday morning totally unbenounced to me.

Camp Hill Police investigating possible attempted child abduction from elementary school

Joe Elias | jelias@pennlive.comBy Joe Elias | 
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on November 08, 2013 at 8:49 AM, updated November 08, 2013 at 5:50 PM

The Camp Hill Borough Police Department is investigating an apparent attempted child
abduction from the Eisenhower Elementary School Thursday afternoon.
A woman arrived at the school along the 300 block of North 21st Street at about 3 p.m. and said she was picking up a student for a play date, but the child had already left for the day, police said.
Investigators later learned the student was not supposed to be picked up by any adult and did not have a play date scheduled with anyone, police said.
The woman is described as being younger, white, with blonde hair and was driving a newer silver colored SUV. Police said the vehicle could have been an Acura.
Anyone with any information regarding this suspicious activity is asked to contact the Camp Hill Borough Police Department at 717-737-1570.


Of course before you read on no worries.....
I didn't realize I made headlines until I went to pick up Alyssa that afternoon, and was literally surrounded by police officials. Yes....a few people were nervous about my possible arrival AGAIN.  
It was all a huge misunderstanding.  I told a neighbor I would pick her daughter up for her after school.  Alyssa had a play date with someone else after school, so she went home with her play date.  When I went to pick up this little friend/neighbor she wasn't there.  Her Mom had forgotten to remind her I was going to pick her up.  I asked the teacher that was on duty where she was and explained I was to pick her up.  He thought I said a different last name (which was the whole confusion).  He informed me she had left already so I pulled away not thinking twice.  I called her Mom we figured it out, and I raced to pick up Mikey from his school.  Alyssa and Mikey go to two seperate buildings....same school...two different buildings a mile from each other.  I know.....quite ridiculous...but then again so is this story!:)   

Apparantly after I left the teacher.... called the Mom of the WRONG girl and explained a woman in a silver car was trying to pick her daughter up from school.  She and the school were very concerned....and hence...


The part I just don't understand is that this teacher who turned me in has loaded my daughter in the car at least once a week the entire school year.  Oh well.....I guess some people are just really bad with face recognition:)   Kind of ironic that even the policeman recognized me as Mary Poppins from the parade.  

When my children came out from school, they were all running waving a sheet of paper in hysterics.  They got into the car and  yelled "Mom, there is a kidnapper in the area, a lady with blonde hair in a silver car .....look at this letter."  

THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST PART!  I  looked at them laughing....almost crying and said,
"THAT IS ME......I AM THE BLOND woman IN in the silver car.  I am the abductor."  Alyssa responds.....
"Huh.....Mom you are not a kidnapper you already have four kids.  You don't need any more.!"  


THE END of my week on Friday.
Don't worry my weekend got better after I received  TWENTY phone calls from friends in the area.   The rumor spread like wild fire. least they described me as younger and not old and haggard.  It could have been worse.:)  


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GeNee said...

That is so not fair. I am sorry. This world today is kind of crazy sometimes.