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I can't believe it has been ten years since I married this handsome man.

Ten years ago November 6th, 2003.

It was quite simply the best decision I ever made!
It has been quite the journey this past ten years.  Thank goodness we have had each other to learn, grow, and rely on.  It seems like just yesterday we were falling in love.  It seems like just yesterday I was wondering and thinking falling in love for REALS just may not be in MY cards.:)
I wasn't really very old, but in relation to many of my friends I was not "young" when I got married.

I remember people always explaining that when they found the person they knew they wanted to marry they "just knew".  I began to think those people were ALL crazy.  How in the world do you "JUST know"?  
About a month into dating Mike I understood.  It was just "DIFFERENT" and I knew it to be different.  Different in a good way of course.:)

I have analyzed it all over the years.  I think about how and why our relationship works.  I analyze time or issues in our marriage that are not always easy.  Marriage takes work, and ours is NO exception.  Fortunately we both genuinely like to work....and so it does.  Our marriage works.:)  It works well!!!

I learned a really important lesson around the time I met Mike.  Probably one of the most important lessons of my life!

PERFECT is relative..
What is perfect in one person's eye is not in another.  And that is OK.

With that being said, Mike is perfect for me.
He and I are perfect together because we know who the other person is, and love them despite it all.  We both recognize that perfect is relative, and we love each other despite our flaws.  We love the good, the bad, and the ugly.   He helps me  grow, stretch, and change.  He makes me want to be a better person....and to me that is perfect.   Someone who loves me despite my flaws, and inspires me to be better.  He also makes me laugh, and can embarrass me with a snap of his finger.  

Our first date this handsome "dark" man picked me up in a worn in Nissan.  He started the engine and I couldn't help but smile immediately....he had Michael McLean church music blaring!!  He was a little embarrassed quite honestly, and it brought a HUGE smile to my face.
It brought a smile because beneath my shades and blue suede shoes....
I was  more of a nerd than he was.:)  
Even better...
He loved it.  He loved me for me!  

I wasn't quite sure what nationality he was when we first met because he had a REAL Ly dark TAN.  When I asked him if he was Puerto Rican because that is where he served an LDS mission he was slightly offended.  He was even more offended when I asked him if he was middle eastern.  9/11 was a recent event.  

He informed me with pride he was none of the above.....he was
GREEK and ITALIAN and I should never forget it.  Once I met his family.....I GOT IT!  
I can only say this because they know how much I adore them....
Mike's family is "My big fat Greek wedding Mormon style." Some may not think this is possible...but I am here to attest if you tell one Sumko .....you tell the family, and 75 percent of the conversation is centered on GOOD food.  They are as loyal as they come, and are great examples in every way.   

His family all knew about our first date, almost before the date was even over...if that gives you any sense of Mike's  being.  In fact our first date was to Brigham City, Utah. He invited me to the city where every person has a grandparent, and Mike was proud to have his Dad make us dinner.  We were joined with by his younger brother in high school and his youngest sister in junior high.

Instead of the usual lets get to know each other, go to dinner date Mike thought....why not bring her home and have his Dad make us dinner.  The entire dinner Mike's Dad kept commenting "how amazingly delicious the meal was, and that he could just keep eating it throw up, and eat it again."  It was my first introduction to the Sumko family and it could not have been more perfect! 

 I LOVED them all immediately.  At that point they were still a bit skeptical about yet "another" girl Mike brought home.  But I was SURE I LIKED THEM:)

Our first date was followed with a quick second and then a third....and soon we just couldn't go on enough dates.  I wasn't use to NOT getting tired of someone.  In past relationships I had tried so hard to make it feel and be comfortable, and at times thought it was....but in hindsight I WASN't the way I was with Mike.  With Mike I felt and still feel like I am HOME.  HOME SWEET HOME.   As my Mom would say "he is completely in my comfort zone."   

My parents worried about me. I think they honestly had moments when they didn't think I was actually going to ever get married.  Not because they didn't think I was great and wonderful, it just hadn't happened.  It is the joke with Mike that when he asked my DAD, my cute Dad basically GAVE me away and almost bribed him:) NO....that didn't happen....but we joke, and it could have:).  

My Mom really loved Mike and that WAS REALLY important to ME.  Similar to my husband my Mom is very loyal.  Once she knew and liked someone, she really loved them forever.  She was LOYAL to MIKE from the get go, and quite honestly that was a HUGE relief.  It still is.  

Mike surprised me COMPLETELY when he proposed.  Most people kind of know that their soon to be husbands are going to propose.  I knew that I loved Mike, and I knew I would say yes if he asked me to marry him.  He was obviously  quite confident I would say yes....but I didn't know he planned a surprised engagement that involved my close close friends, and roomates.  It was kind of the perfect way for the two of us in hindsight.    

Mike has always made me laugh.  He knows that he can easily embarrass me, and he loves to do just that.  He laughs a lot at himself.  I think that is part of what makes me so comfortable with him.  Things that others are self conscious about don't phase him.  He knows who he is, and he is who he is and oh well.  He laughs at me, he laughs at himself, and we laugh at each other.  We always have and we always will.  We both think we are cute, goofy and funny...even if no one else does.  

Before we met he thought I "I was one of those girls always on my cell phone, and out on the town."  
Before we met I thought "he was one of those boys who had multiple brownie drop offs daily by little freshman girls."  
When we finally connected we both realized.....
"I was that girl always on the my cell phone talking to my MOM." 
and he was....
"One of those boys wishing he was getting brownies from cute girls, but they all liked the quarterback."  

The truth of the matter is that Mike always makes me smile, laugh and feel good about who I AM for nothing more than just being simply me.  If I yell, scream, shout, or cry at the end of the day he somehow manages to still LOVE me.  In fact he kind of loves to see me yell, scream, and cry.  He thinks it is funny.  
I DON"T.....but that is for another topic another day.  The fact remains.
I love him and he loves me.

We are continuing to learn to appreciate each other for our similarities and differences.  I am pretty sure that is a life long process in marriage.  He still refuses to wear Norwegian sweaters, and plaid.  I still drink diet coke much to his dismay.  He still refuses to hand any project over that he can DIY.  I still enjoy shopping at a lovely Nordstrom's.  He still can barely tolerate walking into Nordstrom's.  He prefers eating at Costco over basically anywhere.  
Ok.....I will stop with this part....I am getting upset ....haha.:)

The truth is we have learned to compromise and have our spots and ways together... 
We have both changed a bit.  
Mike now watches PBS materpiece theatre regularly.   He mentioned just yesterday the words peter pan collar in describing a shirt I may like.  He goes to the store and doesn't complain when half the cart is filled with soda, tootsie rolls, and ice cream.  In fact he just automatically adds them now.  He never questions my once a month hair appointment.  In fact.....he basically kicks me out the door to go.  

I have changed too. 
I now have a really hard time paying full price for ANYTHING.  I am constantly thinking how I can DIY anything and everything.  I try my very hardest not to mention concern when my house is half ripped apart because of a project in the works.  I don't say a word when he wears "those pointy blue shoes that need to be in Arsenio Hall's closet". 

We have both learned the magic six words so valued and appreciated.



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You guys are just the cutest couple. Happy Anniversary!!