Monday, November 4, 2013


My Mom was always full of great parenting advice.  She always told me "If your kids talk back and disrespect you when they are three, it only get's worse when they become a teenager.  Teach them from the beginning to show respect to others".  Those words of advice have stuck with me.  I hear whispers of them in my mind.  This past week I was having a "MOMENT" with Alyssa and Mikey.  I was firmly explaining what it meant to be repsectful of ME!  I had Mike join me in on the conversation.  He told them a story about how his Dad taught him to be respectful of his Mom.

Just yesterday we were all driving in the car.  Catherine said something to me....and Mikey said "Catherine Elizabeth you are being unexpected.  You are just being unexpected."  We were all confused.  Mikey "unexpected?"  huh......  "You know Mom ...... UNEXPECTED!  Like you and Dad talked to us about this past week." 

It clicked....we had a confusion of words....unexpected and disrespectful.  "Oh you mean disrespectful Mikey."  "Yes Mom, that is what I said."  

You got it got it!  I was unexpectedly surprised by his thoughtfulness.:)    

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