Friday, January 3, 2014

Enjoy the little things

For some reason this year I am trying to desperately HOLD on the HOLIDAYS.  
I must (sheepishly) admit....that I am still listening to Christmas toons, still wearing pj's as regular attire, and still haven't managed to put my Christmas tree away.  I have all my other decorations boxed up....but I can't bring myself to take down our beautiful little tree.  I may leave it up a couple more just looks so pretty lit up each night.
There are few reasons why I am drawing out this holiday season.  One....being this is OUR last and FINAL Holiday season in PEnnsylvania.  Oh the memories......
Another reason I can't quite let go yet of the hOlidays is that I have to say goodbye to my kids each morning, and say hello to schedules.  I have a love hate relationship with schedules.:)  I have loved having my kids cozy at home with me, and out of school for a bit.  

The final and biggest reason I am struggling to say goodbye to the HOliday's .....I have to say hello to a mound of 
NEW YEars REsolutions.  

Don't get me wrong.  I really do love New Year's Resolutions.  They are motivating, and give me something to look forward to.  With that being said I am trying to figure out the difference between resolutions and accomplishing what needs to be done.  There are A LOT of THINGS that HAVE to get done around here in the next six months.  Like sale our house, move across the country, help support my husband in passing his boards, and find  a job for after his fellowship.  A long list of to do's.....and an even longer list of unknowns.  

Although my family is going to face many unknowns and long list of TO DO's.....
I am determined to commit all of us to this one New Year's resolution.

A family theme to speak!

'Enjoy the Little Things' Art Print

The big things will take care of itself, it is the little things that will make the memories and make the difference!

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