Friday, January 10, 2014

January 2014

This week has been full of cold weather, some school cancellation/delays....and

an an unfortunate trip to the Emergency Room for my Sam.  He had a bit of an accident with a door.  His sister Alyssa will never forget to NOT slam any doors.  Let's just say .....
it was traumatic even for my orthopod husband who was home at the time.  

I learned a few lessons on this day.  First and foremost how much we love our little Sam, and am grateful for a healthy happy baby/toddler.  Second, I hate the sight of blood.  Third, my husband hates the sight of blood as much as I do when it is his blood relation.:)  

Thank goodness for anesthesia, IV antibiotics, and some talented fingers (my husband included) to sew back on Sammy's finger.  

Every single nurse in the hospital who learned I had four children told me to get use to coming into the ER for different types of accidents over the years.  My thoughts...... I will NEVER get USE to the ER for ANYTHING.:) 

As for Sam my Man.....well as you can see....

Sammy's little soft cast has not stopped him from climbing, jumping, and well....
really from anything.  The only thing the cast has gotten him out of is a bath for a few days.:)

Fortunately this week hasn't all been about accidents.  I had a little girls luncheon today....that brightened my soul.  It is amazing what primrose flowers, a toile tablecloth, and good company can do for my sanity.  

My Aunt Suzanne sent me a few tablecloths a couple months ago....and oh how I LOVE tablecloths.:)  

Primroses are always my favorite this time of year.  

Cath....being Cath......

Aiding Sam in his mischevious ways......

I love English florals.  Always have...always will (inherited).  This is a favorite dress brought to Cath from Santa.  I have a little discovery I am loving as of late. My friend Andrea has got me hooked on Joules catalogue and website. 

Joules is based in England I believe and
 If only.......

Joules printed floral dress 
Where Country Meets Fashion #InspireMe

I think I've already pinned this. but it is good enough to pin twice.

I was on a vacation there right now wearing the above floral frock:).  For now I will live vicariously through Catherine's dress, the Joules catalogue, and Downtown Abbey.  So glad that show is back on.  I owe a huge thank you to my sister for getting me hooked.  


GeNee said...

I think that is a cute little dress on Catherine. I bought it for Liby my granddaughter this Fall too. I thought it was so fun.

GeNee said...

I am so sorry Sam hurt his finger. How scary for you! I hope he will get better soon.