Friday, January 17, 2014

So as I mentioned earlier this week.....I have been on this self improvement kick.  For the past number of years in my life I have become addicted to brownies and icecream.  I mean addicted.  I have them every night around nine or ten (after I get my kids to bed).  It has kind of become a  nightly ritual.....kind of like shwew....I made it through the day I deserve this.  I exercise because I enjoy it, but I mainly exercise so I can eat my brownies and icecream every day.  My entire family understands the high value I place on this ritual!   

This week....I have been trying to kick it folks.  I have come to realize that brownies and icecream cannot be my escape forever, although eating them is a good one.  I am on day 6 of withdrawls, and I have been GRUMPY! I have been trying to drink more water, eat more healthy, and cut out a few carbs.  Through this process I have had an epiphany!

Happy people eat CARBOHYDRATES!:)  

I am beginning to realize that some of my long term goals of changing my ways are a bit more difficult than anticipated.:)  

I am giving this change 10 more days.  If I am this grumpy at the end....I am going back to my brownie diet!

Even something as simple as changing it up with hair and makeup can be difficult.  I have had a blonde bob MY ENTIRE life.  A few variations, with a couple bad short hair cuts in between.  I even went dark once for a week.  I hated it.  Although I LOVE my blonde bob, and short hair (it is easy easy)....I am trying to change it up just a bit.  

I am loving the wavy bob as of late.....

I have been practicing on Catherine as of late.  This is my goal....

2014 medium Hair Styles For Women Over 40 - Bing Images

It is sometimes just the small changes like a little bit of curl for a boost!    

One  more discovery I am loving.  It is the blog 
The Girls With Glasses with the darling Brooke White from American Idol.  The videos are darling....and I am obsessed with this girl in the middles outfit.  I NEED IT in my LIFE:)
I just had to share!  


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