Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day

Today was a SNOW DAY!
We woke up to an inch of snow and NO SCHOOL!
The weather did progressively get worse throughout the day.  My kids and I admittedly loved being snuggled in.  Our alarms went off late this morning so we were quite relieved we weren't late for the school day!

As much as I love being cozy and snowed in......with no where to go, and nothing planned....the kids ran wild.  Thank goodness for good friends/neighbors to play with. 

 As if it was planned yesterday I received in the mail my indoor photography studio set up. 
I am ready to set up shop officially for the winter months.

It was like giving a child candy.  Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, my kids were home to help me with the set up and celebration.

Mikey and Cath were great at helping me figure out the "BEST" lighting set up.  That is until Mike started wrestling and tickling to death his poor sister.:)  

Cath was a very willing and darling volunteer.  She even changed for me into her 
"fancy" clothing as seen below.....

 She was exciting about taking pictures until she was


Mike was home.  He was all about photo shoots today.  He set up the black background, and since no once else was willing to cooperate....

I have a headshot now for my professional life hahaha:)  I really like the black background to bring out pops of color, and for something different.  I now have a studio for my sunroom.   

I took a month off of working and photography......and now I am ready to get back to work for the Valentines season ahead:)  

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