Friday, January 24, 2014

Week in a nutshell!

A few random happenings this week.....

My one blue eyed child.....

mesmorized by Doc McStuffins and Disney.  

A trip to my FAVORite store in Pennsylvania..... 

Over 300 booths of all antiques.

My friend Carol who works at the front desk.  She use to scare me, and I thought she hated me for a long time, but now we are good friends.

My favorite little reindeer in Cath's room I can't bare to pack away from Christmas.

A homemade photo booth and props.  
It was a hit for Alyssa's play date with Jada.  
Mikey....not so happy about the whole situation.  But still insisting on being in the pic.
Catherine choosing her own outfits .....she refuses to wear anything but skirts and dresses these days.  
Ugh!!!....the drama of a four year old.

More of my goofy clan.  

An event my friend invited me to.  It was a Harrisburg Symphony fundraising fashion show.  The fashion show was put on by an exclusive designer from New York......whose name I can't pronounce let alone spell.  I showed up to 300 ladies dressed chic in black and white.  
And what do I wear.......pullin out my brights.:)  
I can't help it!  This weather is too dreary for dark colors. 
Notice the one top above I am admiring...... the bright sequin one.

Did I mention I have been living in this....

fur ensemble.....

Mike calls it the "snuggy".  I call it "brilliant".   It is only 7 degrees here not including the wind chill.  I texted my husband asking him if the cold truly can make your bones ache.  His reply...
"You are getting old."

So there you have it.  My week in a nutshell.....

It is cold.
The kids are bored!
I am a fashion fauxpau but don't really care.
Some of my closest friends are woman that work in antique stores.


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