Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Having a Moment!

We are trying to get our house ready to put it up for sale in about a month.  Moving hasn't become a reality yet in a million ways.  However we just sold our first couch we bought when we were married.  We sold it on Craig's list....and I must say....

I was really SAD to see it go.  It was worn, faded, and not going to fit in our new place.  The reality of us leaving is becoming more real, and making me a bit nostalgic.  I took pictures of our little abode yesterday after I spent an entire morning cleaning. The kids were at school, and Sammy was napping.  A perfect chance while it is once in a lifetime  picked up:)  I am hoping to use some of these pictures to list the house.

My favorite room in the house.  Everything is old, and much of it is from a second hand store, the salvation army, or a garage sale.  However, they are all my little treasures.  Treasures from my adventures over the past decade of my life.  It was OUR first room I got to decorate in OUR first house.  I am going to miss this little favorite room of mine.  It is my quiet place.  That is....if I ever had one....:)

My kitchen......wear much of the chaos happens.

Our little bedroom.  Our retreat.....

Catherine's room.  Right next to our master.

A few pictures of our house.  More to come for listings.  I am going to miss the character and charm of old houses in Pennsylvania.  I told my husband after we found out he got the fellowship in Scottsdale....I would move to Arizona on two conditions.

1) The place we live has a garage and a dishwasher


2) The exterior won't be pink stucco

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