Monday, February 10, 2014

BrightS and Ralph......

I had to pull out this BRIGHT yellow wool fabric and get to town on this skirt project....
last weekend.

Alyssa my skirt model.  And....I surely love this brown eyed girl!
She has my old sewing machine next to the one I use, and has been whipping up self made projects herself.  She is all about making bookmarks these days...

I will post pictures of those soon....:)    

She has been my little Olympic buddy the past few days.  WE have both been OBSESSED!  Especially with the iceskating.  Bed time has been getting pushed back because of Olympic fever. 

As I was watching the opening ceremonies, I couldn't help but notice the Ralph Lauren sweaters.  I know many critics were not a fan, however....I say...
You can't go wrong with Ralph.  You can't go wrong with CLASSICS.  I will always have a love of Ralph Lauren.  

An embarrassing selfie to breakdown my four favorite trends passed down from generations.  Regardless of if the below picture is in style or not....I will always love it.  
This outfit reminds me of just that something my Mom would always choose.  
So Alyssa and Catherine.....just remember....
You can't go wrong MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION....with four things.....

1.  A gingham checked Ralph Lauren shirt 
2.  A strand of pearls
3. HOT pink lipstick...the hottest pink you can find
4. A good pair of cat eyed sunglasses.

I can't believe I embarrassingly type and document some of this to public feed.
comfort zones....definitely broken down folks....:)  

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