Friday, June 27, 2014

I could write a book on the last few weeks happening.  It has been a very full month with lots of changes. Many emotions.....blood, sweat and tears.   Needless to say we made it to Arizona all in one piece.   Some pictures below that represent at least a few moments of the last few weeks.

These little feet hanging off our moving truck.  Pennsylvania has been all they have to new journey's. 

Dad's Graduation....

Yes.....we both look happy, reflective, and a bit tired:)  

My little buddies.  Countless nights while Dad has been working late in his residency these little people have kept me company.  

Our cross country disastrous moment.  Don't worry we were all was just a Texas sink hole.  
The car sunk  in slow motion.....quite hilarious looking back.  We were towed by some friendly Texans with big trucks and thick accents.   

 The best decision we have made thus to rent a house with a pool in Arizona.  With a fence around it of course..... 
My kids have spent almost as much time in the pool as they have in the house.  

 Cannon Ball......

Amazing how similar this room looks to our home in Pennsylvania.  Makes me feel right at home.  This is the only room in the house unpacked with anything hung so I felt a need to document.  We have been working like crazy to feel a bit settled.  

We feel so so blessed to be in the great spot here in Arizona.  The desert air is hot but the blue blue skies are welcoming to our little family.  We miss our friends like crazy, but we love it here already.  

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