Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our first Sunday.

Our first Sunday....

My first Sunday I don't know how long.

It felt amazing!  

I really love being a Mormon for a million different reasons.  
One of my favorite aspects of the Mormon Church is no matter where I live, where I visit, where I am in life.....the Church is always the same.  The same format, the same lessons, the same teachings.....even the same building structure. Of course the people are all different, unique, and have interesting insights on doctrine, but the church is the same everywhere.  

There is nothing  more comfortable moving to a new area than knowing that I can take my family to church and instantly be connected with people who have similar beliefs, values, morals and ideals.  Today I was particularly grateful for a home away from home at our new ward/church.  

It is not easy moving, especially across the country, but the moment we moved into this house....we had people from church here supporting us.  Supporting us by physically moving us in, providing meals, offering babysitting.  It has been humbling, and amazing being a recipient of service from dear friends who helped us move from Pennsylvania, and new immediate friends from church members here in Mesa, Arizona.

As exhausting as the last few weeks, and even months have makes the quiet moments that much more amazing and enjoyable. nap was the best I have had in years.  
It finally hit me, and I SLEPT and slept well!   

WE DID IT.  MY husband completed 9 years of training, and we moved back to a place that feels like home.  As much as I LOVE the East, and appreciate its beauty...... the West.....and even the desert feels like home.  HOME SWEET HOME!

We get to travel home to Utah tomorrow to be with family for a couple of weeks and I couldn't be more excited....

Packing is fun this time around, and ten hours is nothing compared to the drive cross country.

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GeNee said...

I love all the pictures, but that cherry tree close up picture is so beautiful!