Saturday, July 26, 2014

A few things of late I have been enjoying about Mesa, Arizona.

I have been loving Mike around A LOT more.  We still pinch ourselves that he has completed his schooling and residency.  We think this year he will be able to spend more time with his family and less time at the hospital.  Mike has started moonlighting at the VA in Phoenix and had his first day as a "real" orthopedic surgeon.....Yikes!  We feel blessed he can moonlight while finishing yet one more year of his fellowship training.  

I already have a few favorite spots here in Mesa including: Circle K for daily slushy's, sonic across the street for my vanilla diet coke, the Orange Patch (kind of like Jolley's in Utah) for gifts and icecream cones.  Handmade tortillas sold in every store have become meal time favorites.  We look for the waffle love truck daily...hoping it makes it's way near us.  

We are learning people from Mesa LOVE MESA.  Die hard Mesa people are die hard Mesa people.  Gilbert, and Chandler may as well be in a different state!    To be honest....I am kind of catching on.  We love it.  I signed my kids up for school, they can ride their bikes.  Catherine's preschool is three doors down, and she learns her ABC's with church primary songs.:)  I have about 5 different options for my kids dance lessons, piano lessons and every other lesson in less than a two mile radius.  My hair dresser lives two streets over and works from home.  Logistically my life has gotten quite a bit easier with the move and a biggish family.  I say biggish because "big" family is relative here in Mesa.    

I get to see dear DeAnne daily.....she gets me in gear with her "agenda's" including work outs, decorating, book name it....she does it.  She has already made me a list of spots a mile long I need to go including favorite restaurants, shopping, activities etc.   

We are learning that 105 degrees is totally "doable".  Mike and I were discussing we don't really notice the heat until it gets over 110....then it's just "too" hot to go outside (even in the pool).  We take daily drives to new spots.  I think it will take much more than a year before we even see a quarter of Phoenix and its suburbs.  

We are kind of falling in love with this area we are living.  Life is good, life is good.  His fellowship is only for one year, so we need to just enjoy the good while we have it! A year from now I could be living in the tundras of Alaska just never know.  So for now I will enjoy waking up to the sunshine EVERY day!!!   

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