Tuesday, August 5, 2014


My kids are growing up so much each day it seems as of late.  Yesterday was "kids meet teacher day" at our new elementary school.  Amazing that I have a soon to be fourth grade girl.  

Memories and impressions of our new school....

Alyssa will no longer be the tallest girl in her class (there are a lot of tall Arizonians around here).
The Hawaiin music at the school entrance made us all feel more relaxed.  
Kids were EVERYWHERE....lots of big families.
There are no halls and the elementary school almost felt  like a campus.
The teachers were all young.
It was hot of course.....no one was wearing anything remotely "back to schoolish".
They had a shaved ice truck at the entrance which was THE highlight for my kids.
The parking lot was packed (a lot of parental involvement)
The school has a giant section for the kids to park their bikes.....parking lot size almost:)
I learned from experience that Target down the street was the post  hang out for much of the school (it was a mad house).  

To sum it up in my opinion....
How can you go wrong with 100 degree weather, shaved ice and Hawaiin music to start off the school year?  Not to mention young teachers, big families, a post Target hang out session, and lots of cruiser bikes.  This may be my kind of school year!  

And yes.....EDUCATION is the MOST important!   

We stocked up at Target on folders, binders and pencil holders.  The kids are set and ready to go for the big day tomorrow!!!!

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