Sunday, August 3, 2014

This is what our house looked like a few hours earlier today......

getting ready for Sunday dinner.  We have church at 8:30 in the morning.  My favorite part about this church time the afternoon nap that we ALL take after church.  It is needed and I believe well deserved.  We invited some new friends over from church this evening for dinner.   The adults in one room.....

the kids in another.  I grew up with Sunday dinner as special family time.  It was time when the table, food and company were above the bar.  I want to re create this for my own children.  I want them to have memories of growing up with dinner at the table together.  Sunday dinner should be more special than any other.    

I have moved quite a few times in my life.  Each time I move it is a chance to meet new people.  I love to meet new people.  However meeting new people and making new friendships isn't always easy.  It isn't always comfortable.  This past week my kids have been learning this lesson.  

Alyssa and Mikey went to their first camp last week.  It was great!  They loved it.  However, it was a stretch.  They didn't know many kids and those they did know are new friends they don't know well.  I was proud of them for going and making new friends.  As a parent I know it is good for them to stretch themselves, but I felt a little nervous they would find people they could get along with and people who liked them.  

Mikey came home the first day and told me he liked the camp.  I was immediately relieved.  He is my hardest to sale on social outings because he is the most shy of the crew.  He then proceeded to tell me that one of the boys in his group looked at him and said "Why are you looking at me weirdo?" and someone else kept calling him "Mickey" all day.  

I was reminded by my son that life and people are not always kind.  It is not always easy meeting new people and putting yourself on the line.  The more you put yourself out there, the more probable chance you will be rejected.  The law of probability exists with human encounters as much as with anything else.  

I always like to be liked.  I always want my children to be liked.  I think we all do.  However we are all different, and we live in a world where not all people will like us.  We have to learn to be ok with meeting people and being rejected.  We have to learn to be true to who we are, what we believe, not back down on what we want because others may laugh at us.  

People often judge a book by its cover.  The key is to remember that who we are is not the cover!  

We had new friends over for dinner tonight.  The more I put myself out there and meet new people, the more probable chance I will have that someone may not like me.  However, I will take the risk because the joy in new friendships always overrides any bad!  Friendships make the world go round.  


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