Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mom and Mike

Yesterday Mikey and I had a spontaneous, but bonding evening.  He is getting baptized one week from today.  Yesterday, I realized that I needed to really focus on the details for this cute boy of mine and his special baptism day.  

I loaded him in the car with his white shirt and tie , and off we went for a pre-baptism expedition.  Just the two of us.....the way it should be.  The way it should be more often, I might add.  I don't do a lot of things with just Mikey.  We usually group for special outings.  Mike and I will just take the boys, or just take the girls, or just take the little one's......etc.  

Last night was just me with Mikey.  It was a special night I won't forget with.  We headed to the Mesa Temple just before sun down.  We took a few pictures, not exactly what he wanted.  However, when all the Christmas lights turned on at dusk Mikey's little eyes became quite huge.  The beautiful Mesa Temple, was lit up with Christmas lights just as the sun was setting.  It was the first night of the lighting, and we were some of the only people on the grounds.  No one had arrived because it was still early.  It was as if the lights came on JUST FOR US.

We were both surprised at the amount of lights at the Temple, and completely mesmerized.  They were beautiful.  Just me and my Mike explored the Temple grounds last night.  We explored them in 70 degree weather without any crowds.  It was a special night just for US!  

After the Temple grounds we headed across the street to Deseret Book and he chose out his brand new set of scriptures.  It is a gift to Mikey from both sets of Grandparents.  He studied all the different sizes, leathers, colors....etc.  He ended up with just the same ones that his Dad has.  The kind he wanted. 

After the book store we found ourselves both starving, and decided we needed to treat ourselves at Backyard Taco.  We ordered lots of yummy tacos, filled our tummies, and headed home.  We were only gone a couple of hours.  It is amazing the influence just a couple of hours with just one of your children can make in their life, and your own.  

Mikey is a blessing in my life, and I feel so lucky to learn from him.  

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