Thursday, December 4, 2014

Yearly Family Pictures.....

With the kind of ridiculous amount of pictures I take, including those of my family it is always amazing that only once a year we have get a photo taken of all of us together.  The "family" picture day.  It is a Sumko tradition once a year for "family" pictures  with chaos, raised voices, and last minute wardrobe swaps.  

I love to use different photographers, and witness first hand different styles and ways people do things.  I learn EVERY time from people that take our family picture.  It is motivating and interesting to see different artistic spins on a seemingly simple task of taking a photo.  Kylee Patterson is a darling young college coed who is so talented!  She grew up in Gilbert, AZ but recently moved to live and work in Provo, Utah.  She was home for Thanksgiving, and we were able to take advantage of mini sessions with her.  

I wanted pictures in our new desert surroundings, and she had a perfect spot to take us.  Fortunately desert surroundings are plentiful around here:)   Life is so different here than in Pennsylvania.  These desert surroundings kind of signify the change in our families life over the past few months.  


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