Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving this year was filled with new friends, a new place, and a start of new traditions.  I must admit it was quite of a culture shock to celebrate Thanksgiving in Arizona.  The smells, the feel of Arizona in November is foreign to us Utah/Pennsylvania natives.  The idea of flip flops, short sleeves and outdoor activities all day on Thanksgiving is a new concept.  

My friend Adrienne and her family  hosted us along with four other families. 
We were especially Thankful for her hosting our family this year.  
It truly felt like home away from home.   

I love succulents and outdoor living in Arizona!

Adrienne has such a great sense of design, and her house is ALWAYS totally inspiring...

The kids ramped up their bikes, and played in the dirt..

Alyssa looking oh so grown up watching a rousing game of....

Pickle Ball.....

Dapper Dean ........ reminds me of my Uncle Bob with his classy attire on Thanksgiving!  
It felt like a little taste of home with Offret family.  

My good friend Holly and Dean's wife......always mothering.  I surely LOVE and admire her nurturing nature ALWAYS.  She checks in on me regularly, and has since before we even moved in.    

The kids crafting after dinner.  The kids played and played for hours on end.  The adults talked and laughed sharing stories and experiences about each of our different lives.  Thanksgiving is always a bonding time with friends and family.  

I seriously am grateful for people in my life.  People that help make my house a home, anywhere we go.  

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