Sunday, November 23, 2014

The friend of mine....!  

Could say a million amazing things about her.    

Whenever I am in a bind or having a bad day, I find myself asking "What would Deanne WWDD?"  I envision what she would say to me if I happen to NOT get a hold of her.  Amazingly after a short phone conversation or envisioning what I think she might say to me..... my day gets better.  

Those are the best friends EVER!!!
She (along with her husband ) are the reason we are here in Arizona, and the reason (along with Sara, and Becky) I got through my husbands medical training.  Mike works with DeAnne's husband Brian.  We are partners in crimes in all things good, and trivial.  We are each others cheerleaders, advocates and confidants.  I am so grateful for her friendship and example in a million and one ways!  

This picture in particular makes me smile.....

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